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Our Catch

Our own fleet of Dalnevostochny Rybak includes more than 20 vessels. We carry a wide range of seafood varieties and all of our catches are from sustainable stocks. Fishing is carried out in the Bering, Okhotsk, Sea of ​​Japan, in the North and South Kuriles, in the exclusive economic zone of Japan and in the open waters of the North Pacific Ocean. The fishing is carried out with trawl fishing gear, longlines, bottom nets, saury side traps, crab traps and diving.

Our Plants

The coastal fish processing plant produces a wide range of canned food and preserves, fish meal and fish oil, as well as frozen semi-finished products. Almost the entire fishing fleet is equipped with lines for processing freshly caught raw fish and freezing ready-made semi-cooked products, and some have installed lines for the production of cod and pollock fillets.

Our Distribution

In addition to the domestic market and the CIS countries, the group of companies carries out export seafood to countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, the USA, as well as to Europe. We have built and rely on completely own logistics.

Sea Transportation

The transport fleet of the group of companies includes 5 vessels. Two large-tonnage, two medium-tonnage transport refrigerators and one dry cargo vessel engage in transportation of fish products and any other cargo, including the delivery of supplies to fishing vessels in the fishing areas and delivery of catches from the fishing areas to the shore.

Development of Shikotan Island

The development plan of Shikotan Island for several years ahead is the construction of buildings and structures, shore protection and dredging works in Malokurilskaya Bay, the creation of all needed communications, the planning and development of a dairy farm and much more.

Wild Nature Tourism

The group of companies has a tour vessel with a 24-passenger capacity. We offer 4 and 5-day sea trips around the reserved waters of the Commander and Kuril Islands. The tour vessel is also available for private charter trips.

About Us

Dalnevostochny Rybak Management Company JSC was established in 2017 as a result of the merger of several successful companies that have long established themselves in the fishing industry market. Initially, the merger included Ostrovnoy Fish Processing Plant LLC, Polaris LLC, Marine Transport LLC, Morskoy Region Trading House LLC. The management company also has subsidiaries for the development of the island of Shikotan, such as a dairy farm, a construction company, a security agency, and other.





50 000

Tonnes of seafood production in 2021

80 000

Tonnes of aquaculture catch in 2021



Dalnevostochny Rybak Management Company JSC

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