Polaris LLC

Polaris LLC was founded in 2010 through the merger of several small fishing companies in order to join forces and form a larger pool of quotas for the extraction of aquatic biological resources for commercial fishing in the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation.
To carry out fishing on its own, the company owns 4 vessels, fishing vessel “Merlang” with fishing gear – bottom longline, and medium fishing freezer trawlers “Avacha”, “Cape Chuprova” and “Arctic Leader” with trawl fishing gear.
Our ships are equipped with the latest fishing, navigation and fish processing equipment.
Our medium fishing freezer trawlers produce high-quality frozen fish products from freshly caught harvest using modern technological equipment, which allows us to supply seafood both to the domestic market and for export to countries: China, South Korea, Japan, the USA, as well as to EU.