Ostrovnoy fish processing plant

The Ostrovnoy fish processing plant is one of the largest fish processing sites in the Sakhalin Region of Russia. The plant mainly produces frozen fish and canned seafood.
The Ostrovnoy fish processing plant is located in the village of Malokurilskoye on Shikotan Island, which is part of the Small Ridge of the Kuril Islands.
The plant is one of the flagship and successful fish processing enterprises of the industry, contributing to the economical development of the Kuril Islands. Along with the modernized canned production, the plant has installed a line for the production of fish meal and minced meat “surimi”.
The company has its own flotilla of fishing vessels, a power plant, an ice-making complex, warehouses, a new boiler house, refrigeration units, modern infrastructure necessary for the functioning of an autonomous production completely independent of the mainland.
Production is carried out exclusively from raw fish catch supplied directly from the fishing areas in live, chilled or frozen form.