Ostrovnoy Krab LLC

Ostrovnoy krab LLC was founded in 2019 on the initiative by the board of directors of Dalnevostochny Rybak Management Company JSC. The reason for creating new LLC was the turning point in national fishing industry, that is transition from the “historical” principle of fixing quotas for the extraction (catch) of aquatic biological resources to an auction distribution with investment obligations.

Ostrovnoy krab LLC participated in auctions and purchased 2 lots for crab quotas in the Sea of Okhotsk. As a result, LLC became a user of about 3.5 thousand tons of crabs in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Sea of ​​Japan, as well as in the Kuril Islands.

For Ostrovnoy krab LLC has available such types of crabs as king crab, blue crab, golden king crab, opilio snow (tanner) crab, bairdi tanner crab and a red king crab.

The entire fleet in the amount of 4 vessels of crab fishery of Dalnevostochny Rybak Management Company JSC was also re-registered to Ostrovnoy Crab LLC.

Now in Leningrad region 2 new vessels are being built in “Pella” factory.

In 2021 Ostrovnoy Crab LLC successfully has completed the prosses of MSC certification for king crab and golden king crab fishing.

Therefore, Ostrovnoy Crab LLC directly participating in the “crab” business in Russia on the behalf of Dalnevostochny Rybak Management Company JSC.